Productivity Tools

Profiles & Processes

Informative, insightful and effective, Pulse•Points® Profiles & Processes are easy to understand and immediately relevant back on the job. They give people something immediate to talk about and provide sustained results back at work. It’s simple… understand yourself better, understand others and more effectively manage relationships.

The Development Center’s research and extensive experience has consistently demonstrated:

  • Receiving personalized Pulse•Points® feedback increases self-awareness, professional growth and openness to change
  • Sharing Pulse•Points® feedback between co-workers increases individual and team performance
  • Using Pulse•Points® feedback, leaders better manage and motivate their projects and teams

Pulse•Points® Profiles & Processes give you a safe, business applicable common language to express needs, wants and expectations of individuals, team and the work culture. The profiles and processes lay a solid foundation for openness, trust, discussion and development.

The productivity tools profile series for relationship and teamwork effectiveness includes:

The productivity processes include systematic methodology and specific applications for applying this new, shared understanding back in the work environment.

Pulse•Points® Profiles & Processes

Understand yourself better. Understand others. More effectively manage relationships.

Leadership Profile

Pulse•Points® Leadership Profile is a three-part tool to better understand work styles, leadership orientations, and motivators… your own and others’ work-related preferences.

It is a self-assessment profile that:

  • Highlights preferred work behaviors in normal and stressed situations
  • Identifies key intrinsic work motivators
  • Provides a template for the individual to better self-manage and self-motivate in the work culture
  • Establishes a common platform for needs, wants and expectations at work
  • Enhances effective task and team performance

Person-Person Match

Some people are more comfortable working with others “just like them.” Others seek out people that are opposite. In either case, it is important to understand where people are similar and how they are different at work. This understanding increases trust, opens communication & binds mutual commitment to results.

The Pulse•Points® Person-Person Match provides a view of the similarities and differences between two people in a work relationship, i.e., boss-subordinate, co-workers. It is a comparison of behavioral styles, work orientations and motivators based on individual self-impressions data.


Work teams are made up of people with varied knowledge, skills, abilities, preferences, and motivators. It is the similarities and differences consciously working together that create business breakthroughs, effectively solve problems, constructively manage conflict and generate the greatest points of synergy.

The Pulse•Points® Teamatch provides an overall view of a team's collective work behaviors and motivators. It is a composite of team members' self-impressions and work preferences.