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TDC Pours Foundation for High-performance Team Building

Excerpts from Orange County Business Journal Vol.22, No.20

The Development Center in Irvine, lays the foundation for employee development. Using TDC’s (Pulse•Points®) product series, employees better understand what motivates their employees and how to lead them. TDC partners with HR/OD departments in its high-performance teambuilding process… Understanding that a business is only as strong as its core, TDC helps build from the ground up.

“I found The Development Center’s organizational development work to be timely, effective and insightful,” said Janet Baltera, Vice President Human Resources, Institute for Biological Research & Development, Irvine. “Their work was especially beneficial in the teamwork building, leadership and management development areas… They helped our management to understand their staff and develop key relationships within and outside their departments.”

Dave C. Keller, Vice President Research & Development, Sara Lee Bakery, likes the communication benefits TDC brings to the table. “TDC’s interpersonal relationship building was the foundation block for quickly developing a working team. The (Pulse•Points®) behavioral style tool makes it simple to understand behavioral and communication styles, thereby providing an open forum for discussion and development.”

At the core of The Development Center’s organizational development methodology is the understanding that any business implementation must be simple and direct… Lin Corniea, TDC Senior Partner, said that while each client is different and integration varies accordingly, experienced learning and development practitioners typically learn the TDC (Pulse•Points®) model and process in a few days... The intent is to transfer technology to internal business partners as quickly as possible.

“...Your sessions resulted not only in the great improvement of working relationships within the executive team, but most importantly helped us as a group identify what actions were needed to improve our performance.”
–Vice President, Human Resources HiTech R&D

The Development Center, Inc. Helps Build LEGOLAND, CA “Model Citizens”

Excerpts from Orange County Business Journal, OC On the Move

Prior to opening its first theme park in the United States …LEGOLAND California searched for an organizational development system that would interlock its company and employees as seamlessly as its colorful bricks snap together. As with many new busineses, LEGOLAND CA would be hiring a sizable staff in a relatively short time.

The Development Center, located in the Irvine Spectrum, was selected in part because of its unique approach to productivity improvement. By blending behavioral science and extensive business experience, they are able to quantify the inner workings of employee and employer mindsets… The centerpiece of The Development Center’s technology is the Pulse•Points® Leadership Profile, a highly researched and validated assessment tool which measures preferred work style, response to workplace stress and key work motivators. The assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete and in-depth results are computer generated in a few minutes.

“We expected them to help position our implementation strategy and to assist in coping with the challenges of starting up such a massive venture. What we didn’t expect was awareness that high productivity and individual work styles were linked so closely,” said Bob Montegomery, Vice President Park Operations.

“The (Pulse•Points®) leadership profiles are extremely accurate, easy to administer and useful in day-to-day operations... The language and use has become a critical part of our work culture because it encourages openness, trust and high performance. We are already experiencing a return on our investment. I unreservedly recommend The Development Center and their (Pulse•Points®) profiles and processes to any employer. “ Lin Corniea, Senior Partner of The Development Center, said, “We stretch our clients beyond their comfort zones. We show leaders how to think differently about productivity and how to achieve exceptional results. We are helping LEGOLAND CA and all our clients to build workplace relationship where people have fun with performance improvement.”

“The Development Center’s tools and techniques have become a critical part of our work culture because it encourages openness, trust and high performance. I unreservedly recommend The Development Center and their Pulse•Points® profiles and processes to any employer.”
–Vice President, Park Operations Theme Park

Time of Change

Intr-Play® to Pulse•Points® Profiles & Processes

In 2002, The Development Center (TDC), Inc., an Orange County-based organizational development coaching and training company, announced the conversion of its INTR•PLAY® Leadership Profile assessment tools into TDC’s new proprietary series, Pulse•Points® Profiles & Processes.

The Pulse•Points® product series include assessments formerly branded by The Development Center under the INTR•PLAY® name: the Leadership Profile, Person-Person Match, and Teamatch. TDC’s clients continue to experience high quality, informative, and motivational profile feedback and applications.

The Pulse•Points® Leadership Profile highlights an individual’s preferred work behaviors, behavioral changes under stress, leadership orientation, and intrinsic work motivators. The Pulse•Points® Person-Person Match displays similarities and differences in styles, approaches, and motivators between two people who work together. The Pulse•Points® Teamatch looks at complimentary approaches and potential stressors among members of a team.

Most managers and organizations under-appreciate the need to build and maintain solid work relationships (individual & team). The foundation begins with the boss-subordinate relationship, then quickly moves to peer and team relationships as well. Pulse•Points® Profiles & Processes aids in understanding the similarities and differences that people bring to work. TDC’s coaching and training activities build upon those differences and assists in turning potential challenges into synergy at work.